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The Meaningful Use Vanguard, or MUV, program was created by the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology to promote EHR adoption. Members of the program, known as MUVers, are physicians who have made the transition to a paperless system and are successfully using EHRs in patient care. These providers are also experienced with data exchange and are willing to share their experiences, help their peers and educate patients on EHRs. The MUV program serves to recognize, honor and thank these health care providers for being early EHR leaders and advisors in the medical community.

VHIT recognizes MUVers in the Commonwealth who are at the forefront of EHR implementation and meaningful use, and who will encourage other Virginia physicians to join the move toward an electronically-enabled health care system. These providers have already realized the benefits of EHRs in delivering more efficient and higher quality care. To learn more, refer to the Virginia EHR Champion success stories below.

For more information on the MUV program, read the MUV Educational Brochure for Providers.

Virginia EHR Champions