Electronic Health Record “EHR Solution”

Choosing an EHR solution was once a daunting task but no more. CIT, on behalf of VHIT, has evaluated nearly 200 ambulatory EHR systems to identify the best values for Virginia providers. Our solution partners offer products with a proven track record and the features that you need as a primary care provider. They also meet the certification standards for the Medicare and Medicaid payment incentives.Our EHRs are accessible through secure Internet channels, allowing you access to reliable solutions without the burden of costly hardware and maintenance.

HER Consulting

We help Virginia physicians make meaningful use of electronic health records and qualify for Medicare or Medicaid incentives. VHIT’s streamlined approach focuses on building capabilities quickly, with minimal disruption to patient care.

Meaningful Use

Our expert staff assess your practice’s unique situation and goals, provide you with a personalized plan for attaining meaningful use and connect you to the resources that match your needs. As the regional extension center, VHIT has direct access

Federal Health

VHIT membership is tailored to meet you where you are, whether you are a new adopter, recent implementer, advanced implementer or experienced user. Browse through our membership options, and you will find one that is a perfect fit.

VHIT Works

VHIT works closely with the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology and the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, the two federal agencies with national responsibility for EHR adoption, meaningful use standard-setting, and EHR incentives.

Health Records

These partnerships give VHIT real-time access to best practices, tools, and strategies for successful evolution to a paperless clinical environment.The publicly available resources in this section can help your practice learn more about meaningful use of electronic health records

Medicaid EHR

The Medicare and Medicaid EHR incentive programs.To download specialized tools and information, visit the Member Resources section. VHIT enrollment is required for access. Contact us to learn how you can become a VHIT member. To the latest tools and information.

The REC Program

The Regional Extension Center (REC) program is administered by the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology, an agency of the US Department of Health and Human Services.

The REC program’s national goal is to bring 100,000 primary care providers to meaningful use of EHRs. VHIT’s goal is to bring 2,285 or more Virginia primary care providers to meaningful use of EHRs, which is 20% of all Virginia PCPs.

VHIT is Virginia’s statewide REC. We were one of the first 32 RECs to receive Federal funding, and are one of more than 60 RECs that cover the entire nation.

As Virginia’s REC, we work closely with other ONC grantees and with the Commonwealth’s health IT programs. We also participate in a national learning network with other RECs that helps us quickly identify EHR best practices and success strategies that can help Virginia providers.

Virginia HIT (VHIT), the federally designated health IT Regional Extension Center (REC) for Virginia, today announced that it has reached its goal of enrolling 2,285 primary care providers. By signing up for VHIT’s services, Virginia providers benefit from onsite support as they implement electronic health records (EHRs), as well as access to online educational resources, email updates and monthly educational webinars.

VHIT Achieves Physician Enrollment Goal

“Physicians across the Commonwealth recognize that VHIT has the expertise to properly assist them with EHR implementation. By partnering with us, they are taking the necessary steps to achieve meaningful use and qualify for federal incentives,” said VHQC President & CEO Donald A. Glozer, MHA, FACHE. VHIT is a program of VHQC, a nonprofit health quality consulting company that also serves as Virginia’s Medicare Quality Improvement Organization. Click On:-

EHR Incentive Programs

About Meaningful Use

Meaningful use is more than knowing how to use the software. It is redesigning your workflows to maximize the EHR functionalities that support better clinical decision-making and make your practice more efficient. It also is using the data you collect to coordinate care and to improve patient outcomes.

To attain meaningful use, physicians must meet 15 core objectives and 5 objectives that they select from a “menu” of additional objectives. Elements of Stage 1 Meaningful Use for physicians include: utilizing drug interaction alerts, recording patient demographics, maintaining an up-to-date problem list, using computerized physician order entry, e-prescribing and reporting clinical quality data.

EHR Incentive Programs

Providers that attain meaningful use of EHRs can qualify for Medicare or Medicaid incentive payments and avoid future Medicare payment penalties. They also may be at an advantage in managed care contracting and future pay-for-performance programs.

The amount of incentive available to you depends on your Medicare billings or Medicaid patient volume, as well as when you start. You will want to review both incentive programs to determine which one fits your practice. The two programs also have different timelines and different maximums.

You must register online in order to participate in the Medicare or Medicaid EHR incentive program. Registration is now open to eligible providers.

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EHR Benefits

Save money: EHR use can have bottom-line benefits for your practice by allowing you to see patients more efficiently, reduce billing and coding errors that result in insurance claim denials or resubmissions, and decrease the time spent dictating or writing notes.

Medicare and an increasing number of private insurers plan either to require all participating providers to attain EHR meaningful use or to penalize providers that have not attained meaningful use.

Work smarter: EHRs incorporate features that make your job easier, including drug interaction checkers, preventive care reminders, e-prescribing and clinical decision support (i.e., practice guidelines, standing orders, etc.). By making smart changes to workflow as part of the EHR implementation process, you also will have more time to practice medicine.

Add value: Patients are becoming more familiar with the benefits of EHR use, and like the convenience of the online scheduling and prescription refill requests that EHR patient portals provide. They also like the idea that EHRs put all of their health care providers literally “on the same page” to improve communication avoid unnecessary tests and better coordinate care.

The MUV Program

The Meaningful Use Vanguard, or MUV, program was created by the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology to promote EHR adoption. Members of the program, known as MUVers, are physicians who have made the transition to a paperless system and are successfully using EHRs in patient care. These providers are also experienced with data exchange and are willing to share their experiences, help their peers and educate patients on EHRs. The MUV program serves to recognize, honor and thank these health care providers for being early EHR leaders and advisors in the medical community.

VHIT recognizes MUVers in the Commonwealth who are at the forefront of EHR implementation and meaningful use, and who will encourage other Virginia physicians to join the move toward an electronically-enabled health care system. These providers have already realized the benefits of EHRs in delivering more efficient and higher quality care. More Info:-